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Prom 2023

Event Details
LAHS 2023 Prom will be held on Saturday, April 29th at Buffalo Thunder Resort from 6:00pm to 11:00pm. This year’s theme is “Enchanted Forest.”  General Tickets will be $62, no online surcharge this year. The cost of each ticket includes dinner, which will be served from 7:00pm to 8:00pm. The meal will be buffet style allowing students to make their own choices. There will be vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options provided at the dinner and for desserts. Students must arrive by 6:45pm if they wish to eat.  Desserts, coffee and tea will be provided.  No students/guests will be allowed entry after 9:00pm.  Students may only enter the dance once.
Ticket Sales
Tickets will be sold through HomeTown Ticketing.   Students can access the online ticketing directly through the HomeTown App or via the LAHS website (please see links below).  Juniors and Seniors will use their Powerschool ID # as their passcode in order to purchase tickets.  Guests are allowed at this event as long as they are a guest of a LAHS Junior or Senior and meet the guest requirements below. 
Ticket Links and Dates
  • There are limited tickets available. Last year tickets sold out. 
  • Click HERE to purchase tickets on our website.
  • Students use their Student ID as their ‘passcode.’  Only 1 ticket can be purchased in a transaction. Guests will receive a passcode to purchase a ticket once approved.
  • General ticket sales will begin at 11:15 am on March 27th and end at 3 pm on April 14th.  
  • Late ticket sales will start at 3:01 pm on April 15th and end at 3 pm on April 21st, but will have an additional surcharge of $10. This extra charge is due to additional processing required for these tickets. 
  • After 3pm on April 21st tickets will no longer be sold or available.  
Guest Requirements and Procedures
LAHS welcomes guests of LAHS Juniors/Seniors that have been approved by Administration. LAHS Sophomore tickets are the same price, non LAHS guest tickets are an additional $10. Below are the following requirements and procedures to be considered a “Guest” at Prom:
  • All guests and the inviting Junior/Senior must complete the LAHS Guest Dance Form (Located in Activities office in E-wing, or the reception office in A-wing)
  • Non-LAHS Guests must be invited by an LAHS Junior/Senior and must be at least a Junior at their high school and no older than 20 years of age on the date of Prom
  • Sophomores from LAHS are allowed to attend as the guest of an LAHS Junior/Senior 
  • All Guests must be in good standing at their respective schools
  • Passcodes for online purchasing of tickets will be given to the inviting Junior/Senior once the LAHS Guest Dance Form is approved, Guest tickets must be purchased by 3pm on April 21st.
  • Guests and inviting Junior/Senior must arrive together. Guests must have a valid ID with proof of age and Sophomores must have their student id card to enter the dance
Prom Attire Requirements
The 2023 LAHS Prom is a formal event and all participants are required to wear formal attire. Formal prom attire should be well above the casual dress level of what a student typically wears to school on a daily basis. Casual attire such as athletic wear, jeans, shorts, athletic shoes are examples of what are not permitted at this formal event.  Tuxedos are not required, but formal attire is required. 
Photo Booth Rentals of New Mexico will be taking photos at this event. Photo strips will be printed out on the spot from 6-10 PM
For More Information or Questions
Should you have any questions, please contact the LAHS Activities office at