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Textbook Center

Textbooks at LAHS are issued through the book depository.
Textbooks are the property of the State of New Mexico. Books are on loan to students for their use. Any lost, stolen, or damaged books are the responsibility of the student to whom the texts were issued. Students must report stolen textbooks to school security and file a report. Books will be reissued. A school ID is required to check out any textbook. Fines will be assessed at the end of the year for damaged or lost books.

Book Depository Hours
A Days: 7:40- 11:30am/ 1:35 – 3:00 pm
Closed 3A

B Days: 7:40- 11:30am/ 1:35 – 3:00 pm
Closed 3B

TBC phone number: 663-2559
Contact:   with any questions